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In this section you will find materials that will introduce you to the key concepts in California Property Taxes. We hope that after reading the resources here, you'll have a better understanding of the charges on your tax bill, and how your tax dollars are being used.

How To Use This Site

1. The easiest way to find your property is to use your assessor's parcel number, but our search engine also accepts the name of your property's title holder, or your address.

2. Clicking on any of the listed tax charges will bring you to more information about those specific tax charges. You may need adobe's acrobat reader to access some of those documents, which can be downloaded for free at

Fact Sheets
  Several FREE informative fact sheets about your property taxes.
Glossary of Terms
  If you're selling a property within a Mello-Roos district, California Disclosure Law requires you provide prospective buyers with a Notice of Special Tax. Coming Soon.

Important Dates
  Remembering these dates will help you manage your property taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions
  A page of frequently asked questions that address some of the major concerns of property taxpayers.

  Key Terms
For any terms that you don't understand, use our Glossary.

Ad Valorem Tax
Assessment District
Assessor's Parcel Number (APN)
Benefit Assessment
Bonded Debt
Debt Service
General Obligation Bond
Notice of Special Tax
Official Statement
Overlapping Debt
Proposition 13
Special Assessment
Special District
Tax Rate Area (TRA)

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