Poway Unified School District’s Property Tax Information 


Bond: General Obligation Bonds, Election of 2008, Series A   

Obligation School Facilities Improvement District No. 2007-1, Election of 2008
Issue Name General Obligation Bonds, Election of 2008, Series A
Project Name
Issue Type General Obligation
CDIAC Number 2008-1216
Ratings Moody's: Aa3; S&P: AA-
Issued $73,998,935.70
New Money $73,998,935.70
Outstanding $71,749,786.55
Dated Date 1/27/2009
1 st Coupon Date 2/1/2009
Last Coupon Date 8/1/2017
Date Refunded
Maturity Date 8/1/2033
Issuer Status Sold
Documentation Official Statement
Cap Interest False
Cap Interest Amount
Number of Months
Net Funded False
Debt Service True
Debt Service Type Escalating/Declining
Annual Average
Reserve Fund False
Reserve Amount
Update Type Automatic

Debt Service   
8/1/20090.00000 NoneNO
8/1/20100.00000 NoneNO
8/1/20110.00000 NoneNO
8/1/20120.00000 NoneNO
8/1/20130.00000 NoneNO
8/1/20140.00000 NoneNO
8/1/20150.00000 NoneNO
8/1/20160.00000 NoneNO
8/1/20180.000002,590,952Not CallableNO738850QA7
8/1/20190.000002,908,029Not CallableNO738850QB5
8/1/20200.000003,212,235Not CallableNO738850QC3
8/1/20210.000003,496,412Not CallableNO738850QD1
8/1/20220.000003,760,638Not CallableNO738850QE9
8/1/20230.000004,004,579Not CallableNO738850QF6
8/1/20240.000004,225,734Not CallableNO738850QG4
8/1/20250.000004,427,316Not CallableNO738850QH2
8/1/20260.000004,640,958Not CallableNO738850QJ8
8/1/20270.000004,758,169Not CallableNO738850QK5
8/1/20280.000004,981,275Not CallableNO738850QL3
8/1/20290.000005,205,984Not CallableNO738850QM1
8/1/20300.000005,417,594Not CallableNO738850QN9
8/1/20310.000005,621,423Not CallableNO738850QP4
8/1/20320.000009,493,834Not CallableNO738850QQ2
8/1/20330.000003,004,657Not CallableNO738850QR0

Bond Organizations   
Bowie, Arneson, Wiles & GiannoneBond Counsel
McFarlin & Anderson LLPDisclosure Counsel
Treasurer and Tax Collector of the County of San DiegoAppraiser