Poway Unified School District’s Property Tax Information 


Bond: Special Tax Bonds, Series 2002   

Obligation Community Facilities District No. 6, Impv Area A
Issue Name Special Tax Bonds, Series 2002
Project Name 4S Ranch
Issue Type Mello-Roos
CDIAC Number 2002-2002
Ratings Not Rated
Issued $18,000,000.00
New Money $18,000,000.00
Outstanding $0.00
Dated Date 12/19/2002
1 st Coupon Date 3/1/2003
Last Coupon Date 9/1/2011
Date Refunded 11/3/2011
Maturity Date 9/1/2033
Issuer Status Refunded
Documentation Official Statement
Cap Interest True
Cap Interest Amount $754,649.88
Number of Months 6
Net Funded False
Debt Service True
Debt Service Type Escalating
Annual Average $1,407,157.33
Reserve Fund True
Reserve Amount $1,776,135.08
Percentage 0.10000
Definition Lesser:10% OP;MADS;125% AADS
Update Type Automatic

Debt Service   
9/1/2003  MaturedNO
9/1/2004  MaturedNO
9/1/2005  MaturedNO
9/1/20120.05000175,000Called in FullYES738855GB5
9/1/20130.05150210,000Called in FullYES738855GC3
9/1/20140.05350250,000Called in FullYES738855GD1
9/1/20150.05500285,000Called in FullYES738855GE9
9/1/20160.05600330,000Called in FullYES738855GF6
9/1/20170.05700375,000Called in FullYES738855GG4
9/1/20180.05800425,000Called in FullYES738855GH2
9/1/20190.05900475,000Called in FullYES738855GJ8
9/1/20200.06000535,000Called in FullYES738855GK5
9/1/20210.06050595,000Called in FullYES738855GM1
9/1/20220.06050660,000Called in FullYES738855GM1
9/1/20230.06050730,000Called in FullYES738855GM1
9/1/20240.06050810,000Called in FullYES738855GM1
9/1/20250.06050890,000Called in FullYES738855GM1
9/1/20260.06125975,000Called in FullYES738855GN9
9/1/20270.061251,070,000Called in FullYES738855GN9
9/1/20280.061251,165,000Called in FullYES738855GN9
9/1/20290.061251,275,000Called in FullYES738855GN9
9/1/20300.061251,385,000Called in FullYES738855GN9
9/1/20310.061251,505,000Called in FullYES738855GN9
9/1/20320.061251,635,000Called in FullYES738855GN9
9/1/20330.061251,775,000Called in FullYES738855GN9

Bond Organizations   
Best Best & Krieger LLPBond Administrator
David Taussig & Associates, Inc. Special Tax Consultant
McFarlin & Anderson LLPDisclosure Counsel
State Street Bank and Trust Company of California, N.A.Fiscal Agent
Stephen G. White, MAIAppraiser
Stone & Youngberg LLCUnderwriter